Although it has yet to be confirmed, the rumor mill has been busy churning out rumors that the 2017 Toyota Tacoma may be coming with an oil burner variant.

Folks are saying this may be Toyota’s way of competing against Chevrolet’s Colorado ZR2. If you didn’t already know, the ZR2 is said to be a direct competitor to the Tacoma TRD series.

Since the off-road Tacoma is usually a top-seller in its segment, Chevy decided to throw in GM’s potent 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine into its ZR2 and this, obviously, affected Toyota.

However, simply coming up with a diesel powertrain isn’t going to help Toyota. It will have to come up with something that is capable of beating the Colorado Duramax’s 369 lb-ft of torque output.

That’s not all – the Japanese automaker will also need to convince the EPA that it is capable of meeting the rigid efficiency requirements to adopt a diesel powertrain in the country. So, all there’s left to do is to wait and see if Toyota rises up to the challenge.

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Robert Ryan · April 27, 2017 at 5:29 pm

2.8 Duramax is a renamed 2.8 VMMotori Italian designed Diesel. What Toyota may use is interesting as their current 2.8 Diesel in the Hilux does not have as much torque

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