Toyota has issued a recall of about 228,000 Tacoma pickup models from the year 2016 to 2017. The Japanese company states that some of these models have rear differentials that may leak oil.

This is a cause for concern as if there really is an oil leak present and the pickup is still being used, this could damage the rear differential. That’s not all – it will result in noise and reduced propulsion.

If the situation worsens, it could lead to the rear differential seizing which may result in loss of control and could put the driver in risk of a crash.

To avoid the matter escalating, Toyota dealers will be inspecting the rear differential for any kind of leakage. If there is nothing, the dealers will re-tighten the fasteners.

However, if there is an oil leakage, the dealers will replace the rear differential carrier gasket as well as the fasteners with new ones.

If you are wondering if your vehicle is affected, note that affected owners will be notified via mail in the mid of June.

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