The 2017 Volkswagen Golf, regarded as the eighth generation Golf, is due to be released early November. It will be coming with a revamp to its appearance and a new electrification persona.

This is inline with Volkswagen’s attempt to recover after the diesel emissions scandal that affected the company. The new Golf will be equipped with a new 48V petrol hybrid system which is based on Volkswagen’s latest turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol engine.

This would aid the petrol engine through the large starter generator. When additional power and torque are needed, the belt, connecting the starter generator to the engine’s crank pulley, is utilized for engine assistance.

It also comes with an electrically driven supercharger and starter motor generator. The Golf would be fitted with a lead-acid battery to store recovered energy which will be used to assist the engine as well as power a small supercharger run by an electric motor.

These two modes of electrical assistance allows the engine to be smaller yet still offering great performance with greater economical value.