So, Audi has released several new advertisements promoting the upcoming A8 and one of them put a great amount of focus on semi-autonomous safety technology which allows the car to brake on its own.

Dubbed as the traffic jam pilot, it will ensure that the car does not hit the vehicle ahead of it whenever the driver gets occupied with something. In the A8’s ad, the driver was disturbed by his playful son but he is not too bothered by it when knowing that the A8 can manage on its own.

Everything looks well until we realize there is a mistake with the ad. If you are to check out the video below, we will gladly point to you where the bloopers can be seen.

At the 0:05 second mark, you can see that there is no infotainment system attached to the neck of the driver seat for the rear seat passenger. But when you fast forward to the 0:13 mark, you will see that there is a slate pegged behind the headrest of the driver seat.

The mistake may appear harmless but could it be suggesting that the rear-seated screens will be offered in selected trims only?

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