Later this year, BMW is expected to launch the M2 Facelift but we don’t have to wait any longer if we want to find out how the car will look like. The first official image of the M2 Facelift surfaced online earlier today and it gives us a good idea on how the M2 is designed.

As how you can see above, BMW made little changes to the styling of the M2. The only noticeable upgrades on the design front are with the application of LED head and taillights. The powertrain of the M2 is also unlikely to experience a change as BMW prefers to stick with the same mills with their facelifted cars.

With the M2 experiencing subtle changes on the exterior, we can expect the carmaker to focus more on the interior of the car. BMW has not released any details yet but many are speculating that the M2 Facelift will finally address the elephant in the room – crooked seats.

The slanted driver seat created a huge buzz back when the M2 first made its debut and the facelift model should serve as an opportunity for BMW to fix it for good. It is either that or the crooked seat will turn into a BMW-exclusive feature.

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