Even without any official confirmation from GM, many fans believe that the Chevy Camaro Z/28 will be arriving soon. This notion is fired up with the video shot at the Nurburgring last year where a Camaro test car, sporting an extensive aerodynamics package, crashed into the wall.

Torque News reports that if a sixth gen Camaro Z/28 arrives for 2018 following the typical schedule, fans can expect to see it in New York – this is the final major auto show for the first half of the year, anyway.

That said, Dodge has already promised that it will be announcing the Challenger SRT Demon in the Big Apple. Well, it looks like Chevy will have to compete with Dodge for the limelight.

Seeing that the Dodge Demon may have more power, it won’t be surprising that it ends up hogging all the attention. But, Chevy announcing the Z/28 in New York could give a platform for GM to rob a little off of Dodge’s hype.

However, if we do not see the Camaro Z/28 in New York, this would mean that the Chevy’s muscle car will not be arriving in time for the 2018MY.