The upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be coming with a whole lot of torque. And, to maintain all that twist, the automaker has thrown in a new torque reserve launch system that magically builds boost without depending too heavily on the rear tires and brakes.

This new system, along with the Nittos and brand new suspension, will likely result in a machine that would own the 60-foot and quarter mile times.

It’s pretty simple to understand how the system works. A bypass valve on the supercharger will close which “prefills” the blower. To balance revs and torque, the computer will adjust the flow of fuel and spark on each cylinders.

The torque reserve steps into action when Launch Mode is ignited and the engine is turning at least 1,000 rpm. The main aim here is to achieve peak boost faster while “effiiently putting down power,” as described by AutoBlog.

This produces a unique exhaust note – press play to hear top hear it for yourself.

Dodge also unleashed a couple of new teaser images. One of it is an image of the Demon’s performance pages which shows the number 757. This could be the Demon’s torque output. However, these are all merely speculations for now, so be sure to take this with a grain of salt.