Ford is determined to bring its upcoming 2018 F-150 and Mustang into the future by employing a spanking new tech. This will be a bumper-mounted radar that comes with a windshield-mounted camera.

According to a report by AutoBlog, the camera will scan the upcoming road and transmit information to a new Pedestrian Detection system.

This new tech will help in notifying drivers of pedestrians on the road, even when its dark at night. If something is detected and the driver isn’t heeding the system’s warnings, it will automatically apply the brakes.

Ford has worked to make this a smart system as it relies on a database of “pedestrian shapes” which helps in telling apart “tree-shaped objects” and “people-shaped people,” as described in the report.

The system will be totally up-to-date as the windshield camera works in a way that it captures over 30 shots every second. Ford is confident that the system can depended on to detect pedestrians even when there is very little light around. However, there isn’t any thermal camera added to the mix.

This is definitely a revolutionary feature for the F-150 and the Mustang – one that we doubt GM’s Chevy Silverado and Camaro could keep up with anytime soon.