2018 Ford Ranger Loses Mazda To GM – Waits For Hyundai

Before the Ford Ranger makes its US entry alongside the Ford Bronco as 2018 models, the mid-size truck is bidding farewell to a certain Mazda BT-50, as the latter will no longer share the same platform with the Ranger.

For almost a decade, the Mazda pickup has been siblings with the worldwide Blue Oval top-seller, but this time it’s going to share the underpinnings of the Isuzu D-Max instead.

And the D-Max is using the same bones as the Holden Colorado, an overseas property of GM. This basically means that a friend has turned to foe for Ford, though that won’t matter in the US as – like several other new mid-size trucks – the BT-50 won’t be making a re-entry stateside.

In unrelated news, the Ford Ranger would be arriving way before an anticipated ute rival from Hyundai, dubbed the Santa Cruz.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept

Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept

It has been described more as an SUV with a bed, unlike the Pilot-based Honda Ridgeline which is more truck than SUV, but would still be considered among the ranks of new mid-size pickup entries in the US alongside the aforementioned Honda and Ford models as well as the Wrangler Pickup.

Hyundai has reportedly stated that the Santa Cruz would not materialize before 2020, which means we’ll have to put it out of our minds for the foreseeable future.

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  • Isuzu DMax shares the body of the Colorado, but not the underpinnings or the engine of the Colorado. Hyundai is now looking at a Hilux or Ranger ” 1 Tonne” Pickup, not something that competes with the Ridgeline. Ford has a video of the Ranger having a 2,400lb payload dropped into the tray from 10ft up, the equivalent of 4,000lbs. Very different to Midsize US models

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