What makes the Honda Accord charming is the fact that it’s impervious to trends in the sedan market. Whereas other mid-size nameplates have attempted to get with the times by adopting more modern and sporty designs, the Accord has stayed old-school.

Honda didn’t bother trying to make it more attractive for younger buyers or get rid of its V6 engine option, in spite of its diminishing popularity. And interestingly, the Accord is the only vehicle in Honda’s lineup with a hybrid model stateside.

Unfortunately, the sedan’s days of going against the grain are numbered. As Honda is looking to streamline its lineup, the next-gen Accord is going to fall in step with the Civic and CR-V in terms of design and powertrains.

Honda Civic

This doesn’t mean that it’s going to lose its hybrid – which wouldn’t make sense as it’s just been re-released – but it does mean that it’s going to be powered by a turbo engine and adopt a sportier façade akin the Civic.

And seeing that the tenth-gen Civic has grown in size, it wouldn’t make sense for the Accord to retain its current stature. As per recent spy shots, expect the Toyota Camry rival to be longer and wider as it shares the Civic’s modular platform for the first time.

With all this in mind, it’s reasonable to expect current fans of the Accord to be turned away. Everything that had made the mid-sizer appealing to them all this while would be gone, and those that bought it for its size may want to consider the Civic instead.

But this isn’t necessarily bad news. There would be many who previously deemed the Accord boring, and may find the redesign a lot more attractive. Would you consider yourself one of them?