Ever since it was launched back in 1970s, the Honda Accord has successfully recorded about 13 million units of sales. This model has often been the top-selling car in the US – despite being a Japanese model.

That’s not all – there have been over 10.5 million Accords manufactured in the country since the early 1980s. But, it looks like there is a dramatic shift in the industry.

Passengers cars are currently on the decline over in the US market; midsize-sedan are especially affected with this sudden hype for pickup trucks and SUVs. This leaves nameplates such as the Accord, along with its direct rival Toyota Camry, struggling to appeal to consumers.

The Accord is no longer Honda’s most popular model as it has lost that title to the tenth-gen Honda Civic last year. This was due to its 2.9 percent drop in sales compared to its record in 2015.

The arrival of the fifth-gen CR-V has pushed the Accord further down the list. Sales last month show that the sedan has dropped to the third spot among Honda’s lineup, while the Civic takes the second spot and the new CR-V taking the topmost spot as the new sales leader.

It seems like even the next-gen Accord, with a sporty new look and a turbo engine, will not be able to beat the CR-V. Americans are starting to fall in love with crossovers and SUVs and so, the CR-V rides on a much solid wave compared to its sedan siblings.

Well, do you think the upcoming 2018 Honda Accord, after going through an overhaul, would be able to come out on top as the brand’s sales leader, once again?