The Honda Accord was first launched in the late 1970s and up till today, this model has managed to sell approximately 13 million units all over the world.

The Accord has long been known as a best-seller in the US and although it isn’t actually an American brand, there have been more than 10.5 million units of Accord produced in the country since early 1980s.

However, passengers cars have been heading down a slippery slope in the US market currently while pickup trucks and SUVs begin taking center stage. This leaves the Accord and its direct competitor, Toyota Camry, struggling to bring in sales.

Although the Accord has been the best retail-selling car in the country since 2013, it has lost its position as Honda’s most popular model to the tenth-gen Honda Civic last year. This is due to its total sales decrease of 2.9 percent compared to 2015.

The Accord seems to be falling even further down with the arrival of the fifth-gen CR-V. Last month, the sedan fell to the third spot in Honda’s series. The Civic took the second spot while the sales leader position was nabbed by the revamped CR-V.

It’s evident that the appeal of crossovers and SUVs are growing in the American market, so much so that the next-gen Accord, arriving for 2018 with a sporty new look and turbo engine, may not be able to surpass the CR-V as Honda’s sales leader.