The latest edition of the Honda Odyssey will be arriving soon and this new model will be boasting the brand new 10-speed automatic transmission from Honda.

Honda has channeled $149 million to kick off production over at its Tallapoosa, Georgia plant as well as a new assembly plant which needed $100 million along with a new transmission manufacturing factory in Ohio which cost $49 million.

Honda Precision Parts’ president revealed that the new 10-speed automatic transmission was a part of the company’s promise in producing products with excellent performance.

He added, “Manufacturing the new transmission in Georgia is a huge responsibility and a great opportunity for Honda associates to demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities and commitment.”

The 2018 Honda Odyssey will be the only Honda model to have the 10-speed gearbox; this indicates that it will be surpassing the Honda CR-V in terms of driving tech. The Odyssey may even end up stealing the limelight!