Honda’s Camry and Accord aren’t the only sedans that need to do better in order to revive the declining segment; the Sonata has a stake in it as well.

The all-new redesigned Sonata will be going head-to-head with the Camry over in the United States, where passenger cars have been losing appeal to SUVs and crossovers due to low fuel prices.

In the past, Hyundai managed to record its biggest share of the US market when it launched its previous-gen Sonata in 2009. However, the curvy styling of the model didn’t gain much love at the automaker’s home market, South Korea. This led to the automaker taking the design elements down a notch in 2014.

With the 2018 variant, Hyundai has switched the sheet metal as well as injected some sporty vibes with a curvy hood and a larger grille.

The automaker is hard at work on its upcoming cars so that it will have “a different flair” for marketing from 2019, as revealed by Luc Donckerwolke, senior VP for design, to Reuters.

Sales of the midsize sedans have dropped 2.1 percent from last year and it is down another 20 percent this year in the US. Deliveries in the US for the Sonata has reduced 1.7 percent last year and slipped 31 percent in the first two month of this year. It sure looks like the Sonata has got plenty of catching up to do.