Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn hinted that something big would soon be arriving at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas, according to HybridCars.

“It will be a substantial presentation. We will show the public how much our cars are going to change with the technology we are going to be implementing,” stated Ghosn. He added that “We are not going to CES just because everybody is going there. This is about substance.”

During the press conference, Bertel Schmitt, editor of the Daily Kanban, stated that he was positive that the Leaf would be unveiled before October’s Tokyo Motor Show.

However, insiders in Yokohama had corrected Schmitt by stating that the public would be “hearing about the car much earlier than that.”

The most plausible platform for the unveil would be the CES, previously known as the Consumer Electric Show, as it has been becoming a venue to showcase consumer electronics that the public can drive, which had also been where the Chevy Bolt was revealed.

Well, without confirmation from Nissan officials, all we have are assumptions. But it seems like the CES would the most likely debut point of the new Leaf, however, it is reported that the longest-range variants will be making a reveal a little later and it will come as an option next year.

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You mean the Chevy ***Volt

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