Although Nissan only managed to sell 14,006 units of its Leaf last year, it appears that the all-electric compact car is especially successful in places where dealership offer support and education on EVs.

“The LEAF now accounts for 80 percent of the new cars we sell here. We’re doing a great business with them,” revealed Ted Christiano, executive manager of Boulder Nissan. He added that he’d “like to have more EV models from Nissan. How about an all-wheel-drive EV?”

Christiano believes that the Leaf’s sales depend on the dealership’s execution in marketing and selling the vehicle and he has proven this by selling two to three hundred Leafs per year.

This dealer promotes EVs by distributing educational information and EV-related info via social media. Boulder Nissan also sends out its sales people with the Leaf to educate the average Joe on how an EV functions.

Aside that, Christiano also carries out EV-based events such as ride-and-drives, much to the pleasure of the community.

Many people may believe that the Leaf has lost the battle to other newer EVs, but, judging from this, that’s not quite true. There is still hope that with proactive dealerships, the next-gen Leaf would be a bigger success.

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