Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan & Mitsubishi, confirmed at the CES 2017 that the all-new Leaf will be arriving “in the near future.”

The CEO also disclosed that the 2018 Leaf will be fitted with the ProPILOT technology which allows the vehicle to drive partly autonomous on one-lane highways.

Takao Asami, a Nissan senior vice president of research and advanced engineering, revealed that at least one Leaf variant will have a maximum range “at or above 200 miles.”

He also said that Nissan is looking to offer different range settings based on the market. For example, Europe’s more heavily populated areas may need shorter commutes compared to North America’s greater areas.

Aside from these bits of info, consumers were left in the dark in terms of the capacity of its battery. On top of that, the automaker also failed to paint an image of what the car’s redesign would be like or even how much cheaper or pricier would it be.

Well, it sure looks like Nissan is keeping plenty of things under wraps for now. Maybe it’s for the best, we’ll have to let time be the judge of that.

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