The first-ever Nissan Leaf wasn’t all that attractive, it was even too weird-looking for some folks. Well, it did come with some bug eyes and lacked in a grille – all these gave the model a really odd shape.

However, it looks like Nissan has worked on what folks hated on the first Leaf for its upcoming Leaf. The 2018 model has been spotted via spy shots and it will be coming with Nissan’s trademark V-motion grille and forward-facing eyes.

The prototype caught on camera differs to an extent from the concept shown some time back and folks are pleased. The concept looked quite quirky to most folks and all they wanted was a compact zero-emissions vehicle without all the weirdness.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is set to redefine electric vehicles – just like how the Chevy Bolt aims to do. These automakers believe that if EVs look more like a normal vehicle, the public will be more open to purchasing one.

Do you think their theory makes sense? Or, are you one who actually likes the futuristic but sometimes quirky looks of a typical EV?

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Jim Stephan · April 20, 2017 at 8:55 am

I love the new look of the 2018. The old models look terribly ugly. Go with the prototype shown in the pic above. Very nice look! Very cool!

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