When asked what should be improved on the WRX STI, most fans would say the turbo boxer engine. These folks want a newer, more powerful and more efficient engine, however, it seems that there’s something else that should be focused upon.

Subaru could really elevate the WRX STI by incorporating a new direct-shift gearbox (DSG), according to Torque News. The 2017 Subaru WRX STI was fitted with only one gearbox; the six-speed manual rower, if the automaker wants an upgrade, they should seriously be considering developing a six-speed similar to the VW Golf’s DSG.

This gearbox would provide the driver with super fast shifts that even the most experienced manual driver won’t be able to match up. This is exactly what the WRX STI needs to significantly enhance its driving dynamics.

The DSG is essentially a manual transmission which is automatically controlled. It utilizes two wet, multi-plate clutches to power up different drive shafts which transmits torque through the gear sets, as revealed by the report.

These gear sets are placed on different shafts which provides an almost instant gearshifts with minimal loss in torque. Hence, the gear selection can be manual or auto without needing a clutch pedal as it is all automatically governed.

This is truly the perfect setup for the WRX STI.

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