The Model X 60D was discontinued prior to it even making into production, just like many other Tesla base models. Announced back in July, the Model X 60D was priced at $74,000.

Federal tax credit costs on top of an added DST pushed the starting price of the Model X 60D to $67,700 with a choice of upgrading to a 75kWh for an added $9,500. This model was expected to achieve 200 miles EPA range.

Of recent, Tesla has been making some alterations to the Model X by incorporating the Smart Air Suspension as a standard for the vehicle. This placed $2,500 to its initial price. With the addition of numerous other changes, the base price of the Model X totaled at $85,500, which marked a $11,500 increase.

That may not be all that surprising but looking at the Model 3 with its starting price of $35,000, is quite alarming. This is because it could be terminated faster than anticipated to make way for other higher priced options.

Due to the termination of the 60D, the Model X’s starting price was increased to more than 15 percent. And if this is applied to the Model 3, we can expect to see a price tag of $40,500.

Now looks like the best time to get a Model 3, if you’re considering it, as the $35,000 price tag won’t be staying for long.

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