Google is actively working with several carmakers to produce a full Android-powered infotainment system and this appears to be something Toyota is not interested in. Toyota revealed earlier today that outside technologies can be applied on their cars but without overwriting their very own system.

Toyota said that they are in the final phase of developing a Linux-powered infotainment system and the technology will debut on the 2018 Camry. The Linux foundation is enough to ensure a smooth operating experience just like any other Linux-based systems namely Google Android.

With such a technology, the Camry is hoping to offer the best infotainment experience around. A good infotainment system is something that is hard to get in the automotive industry as most existing systems are full of lags and unresponsive buttons.

If the Camry is able to impress on the infotainment experience, it will place the question mark on the Android-based infotainment that is being developed by Google.

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