While the Nissan Leaf is not the best EV out there, the Nissan Leaf still has a huge following mainly because of the affordable price tag that it comes with. Now, Volkswagen is ready to bring in the new 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf and based on the newly announced price, it looks like Volkswagen is looking to challenge Nissan and their Leaf.

Volkswagen announced the new pricing for the upcoming e-Golf model revealing that the e-Golf will be retailed for $31,315. The e-Golf will be offering about 124miles of range with its 134hp and 214 lb ft of torque engine.

The new model will come with an upgraded 35.9kWh engine. According to VW, the new battery will allow the vehicle to hit 60mph faster than the previous model.

The Nissan Leaf, on the other hand, will offer about 150miles of range with its 147hp and 236lb ft of torque engine. The motors will be powered by a 40kWh battery and the vehicle will retail for $30,875.

Would you choose the Volkswagen e-Golf over the Nissan Leaf?

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