What is there not to like about the Volvo XC60? The luxury SUV has got a nice balance in power and fuel economy and it is also equipped with the best technologies around.

In short, the all-new XC60 is a superb luxury SUV for daily driving and this explains why many have placed an order for the vehicle. But for a section of the consumers, they see the XC60 like a smartphone on wheels and this is due to the vehicle’s user-friendly technologies and features.

The XC60 is truly unique as it also comes with an onboard safety camera that can be used to capture nice photos on the roads. The image captured are of good quality and you can check it out below.

If the XC60 is perceived as a benchmark in the world of SUVs, then you can start looking forward to camera comparisons on cars in the near future like how it is happening in the smartphone industry. Such an outcome won’t please the driver’s enthusiasts.

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