There is no definite date yet, but it has been reported that the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid would be following in the footsteps of the BMW i3 and arrive as an all-electric model. This variant might show up for 2019.

It was quite exciting when word went about that the Porsche 911 could take the all-electric route as well, making for a great future rival to the i8, but sadly Porsche has said no to that prospect.

Another piece of exciting news in the form of Mercedes planning a dedicated EV sub-brand to challenge the BMW i series has also come slightly sour. It appears that of the four models planned, Mercedes is not offering a direct rival to the i8.

Under a different moniker, the yet unnamed sub-brand is preparing two crossovers and two sedans, perhaps to fill in the gaps that have been left vacant by the i8 sports car and i3 hatchback. At least it’s set to launch a 310-mile Mercedes-Benz EV to challenge the Tesla Model S.