Ford announced that it would be reviving the Ranger pickup and the Bronco SUV for the US market during the Detroit Auto Show. The Ford Ranger hasn’t been in the US market since back in 2011 despite still thriving in other global markets while moving from a compact to a mid-size truck.

Many folks are wondering if the Ford Ranger that is coming to the US would be any different from the existing global model. Mike Levine, Ford’s North America Product Communications Manager, revealed that, “The all-new Ford Ranger will be tailored to the needs of North American customers with unique front styling, engines and features.”

However, this does not mean that it will be coming with a complete redesign, instead Ford could have meant that the model will be new to the US market, which implies that the current T6 could still be the basis of an “all-new” North American Ford Ranger.

So, although it would be altered slightly to suit American tastes, it looks like US buyers aren’t getting special treatment for the truck.

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Robert Ryan · January 11, 2017 at 12:41 pm

Yes, they will, It will be less robust, payloads will be 1000lbs at least, lighter than the Global version. Mike Levine, said that Ford is not looking at diesels for the F150 in the past, so take his announcements with a grain of salt

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