The 2019 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer full-size SUVs will not be built on an extended Grand Cherokee platform, according to Autoline Daily.

The report stated that the company, Fiat Chrysler, has disposed of that plan as the Grand Cherokee platform can’t be properly re-engineered to handle the full-size Grand Wagoneer.

However, Jeep is not giving up n that easy. The automaker is currently looking toward utilizing the Ram 1500’s body-on frame platform for its new three-row SUV. But this just may be poor solution, especially with the fact that the Grand Wagoneer is known to be a Land Rover rival.

In actual fact, luxury SUVs do not usually adopt body-on-frame platforms. So, if the Grand Wagoneer adopts a body-on-frame build, it would be a special case.

Jeep had said some time back that the Grand Wagoneer will be the “pinnacle of premium” while the Wagoneer will be the less luxurious version.

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