Recent spy shots have surfaced on the internet depicting the image of the next-gen 2019 Jeep Wrangler and it found its way into the JL Wrangler Forum. But, this just goes to show that simply because it looked like it, doesn’t mean it is it.

The image showed a vehicle at an FCA facility parking lot in Michigan, and looking from the rear angle, it’s easy to think that this could be the soon-to-arrive Wrangler pickup. This is especially since its greenhouse appear to refrain from its rear doors, although it had a soft top.

However, Road & Track disagree that this is the next Wrangler-based pickup as this model in the picture has a single, unbroken body as well as a canvas roof that extends all the way to its rear. This is odd for the Wrangler pickup as it was expected to have a body-on-frame build.

Well, the model in the picture is most likely a J8 version of the Jeep Wrangler which is used for military operation in the Middle East. The Wrangler is essentially a durable vehicle so it’s not exactly surprising.

Source: JL Wrangler Forum