Every new generation Android system gets released with plenty of new features to offer but they have all failed to address a lingering issue with the mobile OS. It is the search feature on Google Play Store.

Google once said developers should implement filters to make searching easier for the users but little do they realize that the search feature on Google Play is pretty much broken and useless. For a company that got where it is today thanks to Google Search, this is somewhat bizarre and disappointing.

As such, we are strongly voting for a better search system in the Play Store and here are some things Google should look into. What do you think?

• An option to see only “no in app purchase” or anything that amounts to easily avoiding microtransaction apps.
• Sort Apps by fewest permissions requested
• Sort/filter by rating, recent rating
• Show what information of yours is used and why
• Revert/downgrade to old versions that worked better

Categories: Technology