Waze for Android Auto was released earlier last month in its beta version and because it was a private beta many users had to resort to viewing what goodies it had to offer via YouTube preview videos and screenshots from selected lucky users.

However it now looks like we are closer than ever to the full public release of Waze for Android Auto. Rumors have spilled out suggesting that we may see the Waze for car units rollout as an OTA update in as little as two weeks. That’s right, this would mean many drivers will be enjoying Waze for Android Auto in its full release form before July is over. And with the summer holidays finally arriving we can imagine a lot of road trips where this navigation app will be in handy.

Google, the company who owns Waze, is of course pushing Android Auto and given that they have this GPS navigation system in their arsenal they would want to push it out as soon as possible and overshadow CarPlay (Apple’s version) in whichever way they can. Apple and Google have been at each others necks in the smartphone game for years now and the next battlefield appears to be public roads.

Here’s hoping Waze for Android Auto is every bit as good as the current phone apps. We will keep you posted when there is an official release date for the navigation app.