When Apple’s MacBook Pro was launched last year, it came with a truck load of promises but eventually, it ended up disappointing with its poor battery life and its mediocre performance.

The main reason that curbed its true potential is the fact that Apple used Intel Skylake processors instead of the Intel Kaby Lake tech that its competitors were employing. It turned out that Apple had actually wanted Kaby Lake but had no choice but to do with Skylake by Intel.

Although Intel played a part in this, it was Apple who still went on and released what was supposed to be the most powerful MacBook rather than settling for a delayed launching.

Apple must have thought that it could get away with compromising like this but that turned out to be a huge mistake. The Cupertino giant was definitely not prepared for the backlash that followed.

As the MacBook Pro didn’t have Kaby Lake’s capabilities, the device couldn’t support 32GB RAM or its battery life would have suffered tremendously. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem for long as the new MacBook Pro will be coming with the powerful processor.

Apple is still not happy with Intel though and there have been talks that the tech giant is thinking of cutting off ties with Intel. It appears that upcoming products in the Pro series may be employing processors made completely in-house, just like the iPhone line up.


Yitzhaky · March 18, 2017 at 5:39 pm

When Steve Jobs Die Apple die with him

James McGuigan · March 19, 2017 at 1:59 am

The fundamental problem is that Apple has slowly been abandoning the professional market. This are computer programmers, architects, graphic designers, video and special effects editors. The professional needs a mobile workstation, high specs, lots of ports, large screens, decent battery, magsafe power connector, a decent keyboard, future upgradability and most importantly of all function keys!

The last proper PRO laptop Apple released was in late-2011 with the last 17″ MacBook Pro. It was quietly discontinued for being too big, too heavy, too upgradable, too many ports and for being too niche a product that it wasn’t selling well to the consumer market. It was however the best laptop money could buy, and there are still many professional who refuse to downgrade to Apple’s latest 15″ small-is-beautiful offerings.

The touch bar is final proof of this. It looks really cool in a demo, but forces you to look down at the keyboard in order to use it. They should have been plenty of room to put the touch bar above the function keys, but apparently nobody in the consumer market uses them anymore. It seems the only people who will miss them are those niche power users and “professionals” who touchtype and need keyboard shortcuts for everything in order to work efficiently without the need to stop and look down at where the button is.

What Apple released was a fashion conscious consumer-grade MacBook with a Pro pricetag. The hipster student who just wants something light and cool they can stick in their bag to write essays on doesn’t have a 3k budget to spend on a posh laptop. The working professional who spends their life 24/7 in-front of this machine, has the money, but doesn’t care about fashion or small-is-beautiful.

Currently the award for best laptop money can buy goes to the Razer Valerie, with triple 17″ monitors, high-end specs and upgradable components. Just a shame it doesn’t run OSX. Maybe Apple will start getting their act together once they realise they no longer sell the best laptop on the market.


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