A couple who brought in their iPhone 6 Plus, with a cracked screen and battery problems, to a phone repair store in Queensland, Australia were shocked when the device exploded minutes after they entered the store. Thankfully, the pair managed to escape, unharmed.

The CCTV footage shows the iPhone owner holding the device in front of the repairman when it suddenly exploded and a cloud of smoke masks the device.

The repairman had, apparently, just removed the Otterbox case from the iPhone 6 Plus and was about to analyze the device further. The owner had picked up the device and “applied what was called ‘normal’ pressure to the screen and that set of the explosion,” as reported by Phone Arena.

A fire extinguisher was utilized to kill the smoke while the repair store had to evacuate its employees and remain closed for the remaining day.

Click ‘Play’ to see how it all went down: