Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus was released two years back but the device still manages to stay pretty reliable to its users. The 5.5-inch device boasted a 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution and it comes with the 3D Touch Display.

The device arrived out-of-the-box with iOS 9 and now, it is upgradable to iOS 10.3. However, is the latest OS causing some problems to the 6s Plus’ screenshot feature?

Following an update to the latest OS, an iPhone 6s Plus owner has been having trouble taking screenshots via the usual lock button+home button combo, according to a Reddit thread.

The Redditor clarified that he still has 20GBs left of his 64GB total storage so this can’t be due to insufficient storage on his device.

Well, it’s often the case that when a device is upgraded, some features are automatically turned off. If you see a similar issue on your device, try using assistive touch to screenshot.

You could do this by navigating to Settings>General>Accessibility>Assistive Touch and turn the toggle on. Then, via the Assistive Touch, go to Device>More>Screenshot.

By carrying out this step, your device will, once again, remember the combo codes to capture a screenshot and you can then proceed with taking screenshots by simultaneously clicking on the Lock and Home button.

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