We were expecting Apple to change things up this year and based on what we have been hearing, they are definitely changing things up but whether it is for the better or for worse is yet to be decided.

Apple might be holding on to their current design for years now and fans have been asking for a design upgrade but a lot of people were not too happy when the first leaked images suggested that the new Apple iPhone 8 will come with a display with a cut out on the top.

Fans think that the design is odd and that the Apple should not go that direction. Later leaks suggest that the cut outs won’t be there but as we get closer to the release of the Apple iPhone 8, the leak images that are coming in does seem to support the cutout edge to edge display.

If this ends up being the actual design, some fans might turn their back towards the Apple iPhone 8 but since this is still an iPhone, we think the device will still do pretty well especially with all the upgrades that Apple has prepared for it.
Now reports suggest that we can expect to see a fingerprint sensor in the back along with a wireless charging feature.