Earlier today, the Apple Store went offline and this comes with the message, “We’ve got something special in store for you”. The happening turned into a huge topic of discussion on the internet with many speculating that the cause of it is the new batch of Apple Airpods.

On the other hand, there are the rumors that are claiming that Apple is about to release the iPhone SE 2. The sequel to the iPhone SE is aimed at getting sold solely on the Apple Store and its surprise debut will reduce the phone’s prospect of hitting large volume sales.

This is important for Apple because they can’t have the SE 2 spoiling the sales potential of their future flagship that is due to arrive in Q3 this year. But then again, Apple also realized that they need a device that is small in size hence the SE 2 needs to get released nonetheless.

The rumors may sound too extreme for our liking but it is a possibility. Apple has only mentioned about the iPhone SE 2 once and back then, they said that they need to exercise caution so that the SE 2 won’t disrupt sales of their flagship. So, could the iPhone SE 2 be the cause of trouble on the Apple Store?

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