Apple is in the game for money, if that isn’t obvious enough already. It’s latest act that solidifies that statement is the fact that the tech giant has decided to terminate the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air has been a super popular product in Apple’s lineup but now, the company has deemed the product a waste of space and has kicked the device to the curb.

This move was clearly fueled by the iPad Pro. An Apple supplier first dropped the news that the Cupertino giant was no longer ordering anything in terms of the MacBook Air which led them to reach out to Apple.

It was then that they were told that the beloved laptop has been discontinued. Well, it’s not a secret that the device has been struggling when it comes to sales.

Apple opted to kick off the MacBook Air to make more room for more products like the iPad Pro as these are the kind of 2-in-1 devices that folks seem to love these days.

The more powerful option over the new iPad series is the MacBook Pro, which leaves no room for the MacBook Air to fight for attention.