Apple’s AirPod, being lightweight and wireless, have high risks of going missing. Thankfully, iOS developer Deucks has produced an app called the “Finder for AirPods,” priced at $3.99 Direct Link.

This app measures Bluetooth signal strength from a missing AirPod to guide the user to the location of it. Finder for AirPods begins by the user choosing which AirPod is missing then placing the available AirPod in the Charging Case and uses an iOS device that has already been paired with the AirPods to begin looking for the missing headphone.

This app is definitely helpful for users who are careless and do not wish to fork out $69 for a replacement AirPod. Unfortunately, Apple seemed to disagree.

Apple has removed Finder for AirPods from the App Store. Deucks stated that the tech giant did not fancy the idea of consumers locating their AirPods and so, the app was said to be “not appropriate for the App Store.”

Despite not providing any other reasons for the removal of the app, Apple did suggest folks who had purchased the app to seek for refunds through iTunes, according to MacRumors.

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