Apple hasn’t officially confirmed it but it looks like the Apple MacBook Air will not be getting a sequel this year.

An Apple supplier has disclosed this information based on their 2017 order sheet that failed to include anything on the MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air is an Apple specialty and so, the supplier reached out to Apple for confirmation but the tech giant revealed that the list was correct and that the MacBook Air has been discontinued.

This is quite a sudden decision which we didn’t really see coming – especially since the MacBook Air has been said to be one of Apple’s unique charms. But, we can’t deny that the laptop has been having trouble in sales as consumers have turned their attention elsewhere.

Buyers are now keener in buying tablet with laptop features, just like what the iPad Pro promises to be. This is probably the core driving factor behind this device’s excellent sales numbers ever since it was released.

It won’t be too hard to believe that the iPad Pro may be able to close the gap once the Mac Book Air is officially terminated.