Apple’s AirPods is a step into the future as this is a earphone that is truly wireless. Now, folks can finally say goodbye to sitting for long while struggling to untangle the cords that magically seem to get really, really tangled up when not in use.

It’s pretty obvious that Apple wants to help make life easier with its AirPods as these little gadgets are automatically on and always connected. They could sense when placed in the ears and automatically pauses when taken out from the ears.

The AirPods comes with a custom-designed Apple W1 chip which produces extremely efficient wireless system for a better connection as well as improving sound. That’s not all- Apple claims that one can listen up to five hours on a single charge!

However, it looks like the Apple AirPods may not be for everyone. Although many users said that the ear pieces are able to produce decent audio quality, it seems that it will not be suited for those whose ears can’t seem to fit the standard EarPods that come with an iPhone.

Aside from that fact, it sure seems like folks are loving their AirPods for the sole reason of its practicality, according to Reddit threads. This is one earphones that finally allows you to walk away from your device without interrupting your music listening.

And if you’re one who has been a bit skeptical as this gadget comes with a battery, you’ll be glad to know that the case holds 24 additional hours and it can last up to a week. Many users have said that they have no battery worries with the AirPods as they only need to pull out the cords and it’s good again.

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