Apple had kicked of 2017 with a shaky start in the tablet market despite the iPad Pro’s success last year. To make it worse, some folks are already claiming the iPad Pro as a one hit wonder and hoping for the tech giant to scrape it off entirely.

However, that could be a major mistake as tablets are said to be an important device for the future. When smartphones dominated the tech world, many folks started depending less on bulky desktops and laptops.

Although the iPhones did an amazing job, it came with one main downside. These devices may be getting more sophisticated as time passes but its screen sizes will always hinder it from achieving its maximum potential. This proves the importance of tablets.

Currently, the largest iPad from Apple measures at 13-inches and it shows the world a glimpse of productivity via a tablet. It’s just a matter of time before one can easily carry a 15-inches tablet, dock it in the office, depend on an augmented glass for work and data manipulation on the slate through an iOS ecosystem.

As the iPads have bigger screens, it will be a better tool for work purposes compared to the iPhone which would fail to be as efficient as the tablet due to its limited display size.