Just when we thought Samsung has cleared up its whole mess over the Galaxy Note 7 explosive batteries, Apple seems to have jumped on the bandwagon with its iPhone 7.

Of recent, a video on Twitter of an iPhone 7 Plus emitting smoke went viral but thankfully, Apple has said that it is looking into the matter.

The owner of the iPhone 7 Plus shared the video which quickly reached 2.4 million views along with 28,000 retweets.

Brianna Olivas, the owner, bought her rose gold variant of the iPhone 7 Plus in January from Sprint. This whole incident caught her by surprise as she was sleeping when it happened. She said the device made some squealing noises and started releasing smoke so her boyfriend threw the device into the bathroom where it blew up.

It was said that this incident could have been due to the liquid filled case on the device but that is merely speculations for now.

What do you think could be the reason behind this exploding iPhone? Could it be another battery issue, just like the infamous Note 7?