Tesla is on the verge of becoming a massive volume EV manufacturer thanks to the upcoming Model 3. As of today, there are more than 300,000 individuals that have placed their deposits on the Model 3 and all that is left for Tesla to do is to mass produce the vehicle.

The craze for the Model 3 is real and this is partly because the car is going to become the most affordable model produced by Tesla. The Model 3 will come out with more than 200 miles of driving range and also the Autopilot autonomous system.

But despite being made as the cheapest EV from Tesla, the manufacturer still believes that their products are luxurious. This cannot be helped as Tesla identifies themselves as a luxury carmaker. So when Audi announced on the development of a Model 3-killer, we can’t help but to share it with you.

Audi revealed earlier today that the e-Tron will be hitting the market next year and it will have at least 300 miles of EV range to offer. The e-Tron will be built on the MEB platform and it will also feature some semi-autonomous feature. Furthermore, the e-Tron will introduce a brand new digital cockpit system.

No preview photos have been provided by Audi but judging by the sound of the above, it looks like the e-Tron will have a luxurious cabin that is akin to other Audi cars. The most exciting part here is that the e-Tron will retail under $50,000 and this may cause a lot of problems to the Tesla Model 3.

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