The Tesla Model S P90D is no longer the most insane EV around and this is due to the arrival of the P100D. However, it still has some unfinished business on the performance front and one of them involves the Audi RS6.

The second fastest car in Audi’s camp has faced the P90D before and it lost badly on the drag strip. Today, the RS6 returned to the scene as it challenges the P90D in a rematch.

Despite getting small improvements on the performance front, the RS6 is still unable to match the P90D’s 0-60mph times. But then again, it may just be able to overtake the Model P90D upon 60mph as the RS6 boasts a whopping 597hp.

So, will the RS6 be able to come out on top of the Tesla Model S P90D? Let’s find out in the video below.

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