Audi is preparing to bring its new electrified vehicle concept, the E-Tron Sportback, to the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show. Although not much is known about this concept, the automaker did release a couple of teaser images that are sure to entice auto enthusiasts.

Based on the teaser images, we can see that the car’s large wheels are placed further at the corners resulting in a muscular looking coupe. Meanwhile, the rear lighting goes all the way across the back of the model right below the liftgate.

Many folks are expecting the car to be a fully electric model, judging from its “E-Tron” name. However, this may not be exactly true. The concept could be following in the footsteps of the A3 E-Tron PHEV – so, it may not be running purely on electricity.

This concept complements Audi’s plans of unleashing more EVs in the future, following the release of an E-Tron SUV. Well, for now, we’ll have to wait until its big debut to learn more on Audi’s latest concept.