DICE had recently started the Battlefest event and it was revealed that all gamers would be getting bonuses for signing in and taking part in the various Battlefield games.

Gamers will have up till Sunday, November 27 to rake in goodies such as unique dog tags from DICE’s giveaways, in-game missions and activities.

If you log in between now and the end of the Battlefest, you’ll be entitled to a unique dog tag on November 28 and if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive another special dog tag.

By playing Battlefield 1 on three different days and winning a match in Operations during the timeline of the event, you’ll get the PTFO weaponskin. On top of that, since the M1911 Battlefield 4 and Hardline mission remains active, you’ll also get the Incarcenator skin as well as a dog tag in Battlefield 1 if you reach 25 kills in one of those games.

Besides that, there is also a new Battlefest Battlepack which is a limited-time revision that will only be available during the event duration.

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