Skyrim has appeared to be a major success for Bethesda and it’s only natural that folks are placing higher expectations on its sequel, currently dubbed The Elder Scrolls 6. Since Skyrim has been around for five years, it seem like the perfect time to develop the next title.

However, that isn’t the case. It looks like Bethesda is still having mixed feelings about the games and there are a few reasons to it. Fallout 4 is probably the biggest culprit for this.

The developer has completed the DLCs for the post-apocalyptic game yet it is still reported to be putting in hours to make it compatible to VR.

Besides that, the company wants to incorporate artificial intelligence in the Elder Scrolls 6 game, according to Neurogadget. However, that isn’t possible right now as the required tech isn’t available just yet.

Bethesda has not given up, though. While waiting for the tech world to make AI suitable for the game, it carries on work on other projects.

Todd Howard, director of Bethesda, said sometime early this year that the company is focusing on smaller budget releases in the near future, thus it seems plausible to assume that they are already busy as it is.