Beyond Good & Evil 2 will a Nintendo Switch exclusive for the time being, according to reputable tipper, journalist Laura Kate Dale. The game, dubbed Odyssey, will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after a year.

In her tweets, Dale revealed that the first Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser is completed and it should be aired at the end of Nintendo’s official Switch live stream event on January 12.

The first installment of the game arrived in 2003 yet it failed to achieve great sales figure. Michel Ancel, the creator, said in 2011 that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was still alive and in the midst of development, aiming the “next generation of consoles.” This hinted at the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, yet there were radio silence on the game for a couple of years.

Ancel then revealed some time in October that the game would be remade from scratch. He added in November that the game will be boasting interplanetary travel, despite being far from its launch date.