Despite Mass Effect: Andromeda not being available to most of the public, BioWare has already started fixing some issues and bugs in the game by releasing Patch 1.04.

It sure looks like BioWare is determined to make Mass Effect: Andromeda as flawless as possible.This update weighs in at a monstrous 2GB on PS4 and it comes with “various bug fixes and stability improvements,” as stated on the official patch note.

Although this is, clearly, very minimal information, Fernando Melo, game producer, took to Twitter to answer some questions from the BioWare community and it appears that this new patch is mainly for PC players and multiplayer data fixes.

Expect to see more details on this patch as well as future updates on the official BioWare website once Andromeda officially launches.

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Todd Fox · March 25, 2017 at 8:16 pm

paid $70 for a game I had less than 4 days the PYjack is cool , have large screen tv I use for game so I sit back a aways so,# 1 problem was when scanning items and things the writing is so small need to move very close to tv to read and back again to play theres a lot reading , then the puzzels have no clue what they want you to do, total let down from the old mass effect series

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