The BMW M2 is a nice luxury sports car you can buy but it is unfortunately not the best choice out there. While the M2 may have enough power to shove the sports cars from the domestic market aside, the vehicle is struggling when facing real competitors.

We have seen the M2 losing it on the track for countless times already and the list of predators include the Audi TT RS, Porsche 718 Cayman S, Mercedes-AMG A45, Volvo S60 Polestar and many others. It is just sad to watch the M2 being stuck on a losing streak and this is why we are crying for improvements.

BMW has already confirmed on the development of the M2 Facelift and we really hope the car is not just a cosmetic upgrade from the current model. What BMW should do is make adjustments to the engine tuning and optimize the car better for performance.

The current M2 is already showing great potential despite running on a mill that is sourced from the 5-Series but more needs to be done if it wants to become a great competitor in the market. Failing to improve the M2’s performance will only place the Facelift model at risk of more humiliation.

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