Fans of Borderlands 2 will be thrilled to hear that Borderlands 3 is already mid-development and it won’t be long before Gearbox Software unleashes the game.

A video tech demonstration of Borderlands 3 was recently posted online and it paints a proper picture of the technicalities of the game. It’s evident that the graphics of Borderlands 3 has been improved significantly, thanks to Unreal Engine 4.

Based on the video, it’s obvious that Borderlands 3 is a right step above Borderlands 2. Despite not being the final product, it already gives us a sharper rendering of the Borderlands 3 world.

That said, we are crossing our fingers in the hopes of a better weapons generation system. The existing system in Borderland 2 isn’t all that exciting and it would be great if there were more weapon variations in the upcoming sequel.

Well, we still have some time to go before we get Borderlands 3 in our hands but until then, feast your eyes on this teaser video of the upcoming game.