Activision has finally disclosed that they are currently working on a successor to their Call of Duty series – and this time, the game will be running on a World War 2 setting.

The company said that gamers will get a chance to see the battle at Omaha Beach as well as Normandy and this has led to fans demanding for a whole lot more horror. They want the full experience of the World War 2, but will this actually materialize?

As exciting as that may sound, that does sound pretty much unlikely as we have to keep in mind that Call of Duty’s main player base stems from teenagers and too much gore may be a bad move.

Well, do you think Activision should go ahead and make it full-on horrific or should they tone it down for the sake of the teens?

Call of Duty: WWII trailer will be unleashed on April 26 and the game is set to make its arrival on November 3, 2017.

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